Dedication for Beauty

I was born in a family that loves to get pampered and empowered.

I am proud of my Aunt’s in my Mother side (they are all GIRLS) because all of them graduated with flying colors together with my mom in prominent Universities with Bachelor’s Degree and Masters, not to forget each of them plays an Instrument and had an experience of Recital! including my mother who plays relaxing piano notes and because of that magic fingers, she is an absolute great stenographer! and I was named after! which makes me a female “Junior”! and again— I am the complete opposite of my mother and Aunt’s! (almost!)

In their generation, it is very important that they have an outstanding educational background, (I attained Bachelor’s Degree with flying colors), Knows to play Instruments (I can sing with an Audience but no-no to instruments), Graceful Manners (I think I have those) and Socially aware in the Society.

But what I am proud of my self is that I raked a lot of awards way back in High-School (outside and inside competitions) in the field of “Arts” specializing Abstract Painting (Acrylic, Oil Base and Charcoal) and when it comes to Academics I am proud to say I am not a mediocre. I am an achiever but not super-grade conscious that I’ll poison my topnotch classmates! – being an academic achiever is what I have convinced my Daddy to buy me a new stuff that I really love! that’s my goal.

There’s a lot of things I am proud of when it comes to school-thing but compared to my old-school aunts achievements- I can say I am for new generation of kids! My mother’s side was all about Image and close family ties. BUT WAIT! this is what I adopt from most of ’em

THEY are all addicted in making their selves more beautiful!

(e.g. natural-born pretty face Grandma wants to maintain her blessed features by going under the knife procedures! and now I am not taking that kind of an option, not saying no alright but I’m too young! and still happy how I look! I remember during her 50’s there are wires attached to her face just to stretch those lousy loose skins, I don’t know how it works, but she looked like frankenstein’s wife but after that back to Goddess World.)

Moving on, maintaining that beauty-aura is the biggest vice in our blood! it runs in me naturally!

It’s like I am born to educate and explore the art of science major in searching fountain of youth!

AND THAT I AM PROUD TO SAY.. I have one of their specialty!

My mom always tells me never-ever to forget yourself, your physical attributes which is the first thing that people notice next to intellectual capacity. Shallow it may sounds but take a look around you, why spent for monthly gym fees, Facial treatments, Make-up Stashes etc. – Because looking good is what we aim together with other things that makes us visible, stronger and well equipped to able to share ourselves in the world we live in- Love yourself first! (sounds cliche but TRUE) ♥ ( tell me who is the first president appeared nationwide with unpolished hairdo!? unless s/he loves kinky or Afro hair style lol)

So, I dedicated part of me in the name of keeping my self Beautiful, inside and out.

I am not over-reacting about keeping your-self beautiful (or at least presentable), it’s good to keep it balanced!

Beauty and Brains!

(beauty/beautiful) big word with lot’s of definition but what I am concentrating here is the beauty outside then I it will just constantly show when you meet me in person how beautiful I am in the inside! it’s a foolish of me to defend my self here in the little space provided!

Words are indeed attractive, but Actions are louder than what is written!

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