Senate of the Philippines

Making things happen and achieving my long-term goals is combination of hard-work, sincerity, prayers and believing in my self.

I am now stepping on the first level, exposing my self to the world of Media.

Continues process of learning and nonstop effort to do what’s best for my career plans.

I am thankful because I met people who are indeed bigger than me but willing to help me to make my dreams true. Jojo Terencio and Roy Mabasa are the people behind my first stepping stone to success. They were the one who talked to me sincerely about my career plans and goals. They gave me the experience and needed skills to be a reporter/writer someday.

I am way too idealistic and I have high standards when it comes to work, that’s why I needed a reality check through training. It did not failed to keep my self open to reality and be well grounded. Every Big Title has big responsibilities. Every success we have in life comes with hard work. Nothing comes constantly without sweat… and that’s what makes us living: HARD WORK and nonstop efforts.

So, here are some pics from my training at the Senate’s PRIB!

Me with ABS-CBN Senior Reporter Sir Jun in live coverage

Never stop chasing your goals/dreams.

Never stop believing in yourself!


Media Training /PRIB

Patient, nonstop effort will brought more about miracles than anyone can imagine.
Sweat and God’s power is a winner. God doesn’t encourage laziness, he measures not only a mans faith but the sweat on his brow before giving His answer to a prayer.

Lasting Succes never comes easily. In fact, it never comes, period. One has to chase after it constantly.Anyone who tells you isn’t so, isn’t successful and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

HARD Work, Prayers. Having faith and believing in yourself is the key.. also with the help of the people who believes in what you do-
For Jojo Terencio and Roy M.

Super Special Thanks to:
Jojo Terencio (my fairy godmother)
Ms.Macon Araneta (c/o Roy- training @ Congress PRID)
Roy M.

Ms. Ulla Tioseco
Ms. Josh
Ms. Peachie Urquiola (Secretary of Sen.Gringo/ for offering me another training and yummylicious lunch!)

PRIB Staff
Ms. Mae
Ms. Majo
Ms. Nat (Writer/ thanks for teaching me patiently :D)
Ms. Blen (Broadcast Dept. /thanks for teaching me the technicalities, especially making kalikot sa camera/control room he he)
Paparazzi- (Cameramen/ my photographer inside the Session hall :D)
Mr. Rommel (Cameramen of Sen. Villar)

Mr. Thomas William (Cameramen of Sen. Madrigal/ Dami kong natutunan din from you, especially sa mga hindi ko maintindihan sa loob ng senado at marami pang iba! at sa pakikipagusap sa mga photographers to take my pics with Senators)

Director’s of PRIB
Sir Joe, Sir Corro and Sir Sammy (for guiding me to the right direction for the things that I must learn in Media World, especially Sir Sammy (Print Media Director) for giving time to discuss with me, my career path/plans.

Ate Remy (for always buying my food pag wala akong kasabay kumaen sa Senate Lounge 🙂
kuya Leo- sa pagbitbit ng gamit ko and for mapping the shuttle ha ha!

Sir Larry (NBN4)
Sir Jun (reporter of ABS-CBN/ for inspirational talk and wishing me luck)

Photographer of Senator Aquino, Legarda and Lacson.
PRIB’s in-house Photographers (for non-stop taking my foto’s tuwing nasa session hall ako- nagiging parang stariray tuloy ako- e training pa lang ako ha ha)

note: natatawa kasi ako, dahil wala akong ginawa kung hindi magpose sa mga camera ng photographers ng mga senators.. (dapat yata photography na lang ako hehe joke!)

@ Senate: I am learning the basics of writing messages/ Press Releases for Sen. Villar, Technicals on in-house broadcast… and there’s more to come next for next week’s training.


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