Love Simply is

In my two weeks of training, I already felt how lucky I am to be trained with excellent people and was helped by golden heart individuals.

My journey in hunting a good job was never easy, in fact until now I am searching for one that matches my course. I want to grab this moment as a fresh graduate to go, chase my dream job while it’s not too late.

My daily mantra since high school really helped a lot in every way. Which is “Seize the Day, No Regrets” and “Fight” but of course I know whereto surrender nor to stop.

In my journey right now with the help of friends and some of them I haven’t met, I seize every moment alone and trying to make my way to my desire goal. I don’t have to pretend or what, just showing what I am capable of and the real me. That way, life will be easier. I hate complicated and complicating things.

Moving on, I also realize I am never alone in my journey. In fact I appreciate more how people care for me unconditionally. Although I am unfortunate in some things, but one thing for sure… I am not less with friends, family and with my better half. I am indeed the product of their love and care.

I know, one day…

I’ll get there and have the stage and spotlight one and pass it to others who started none like me-

Love is not only identified, in having a boyfriend etc.

Love and Care comes everywhere…

And now, even I am still striving for the best..

I already felt I am truly blessed in spite of all negative things because

I appreciate what love and care is.

As Paulo Coelho said…

Love simply is.

(and I apply it to all the people who supported me along the way especially those who I haven’t met and believed in me- Jojo Terencio)


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