Comfort Bliss

All of us have the right to have comforts in life especially when you know you earned it!

Comfort is important to every people in the world especially women of all ages. Few of my friends have expressed’ that whether it’s going gimmicks with their office mates or friends at fancy bar’s or simply house party, hitting café restaurant’s to smell that aroma that the coffee has, or going on a beach or out of town trips alone- name it, just to have that certain feel of comfort once again after a very tiring day or year of your life.

And whatever you do, the place of comfort you are having makes us feel most of ourselves and at our best!

I am happy to know what makes me feel “comfortable” in time of stressful day and my formula runs for a decade! And it feels so good every now and then. Here is some of my top comfort-companion’s!

1)Bedroom –there’s no place like my “bedroom”.That’s why I paint it in Green, so my eyes can relax whenever I feel some tensions and nothing beats with fresh flowers with aroma candles inside my room. I lay down and relax with soft bed sheets and puffy pillows, much better when I fell asleep.

2)Music– music calms me; every genre has its own roles to play to cater in my mood swings. God Bless the music player’s and musician’s! ( “You are the Universe” by brand new heavies is my theme song a lot of times!!!)

3)Mirror Test– believe it or not, it’s not about the “vain” issue, but I love seeing my self or sometimes questioning my self in front of mirror- it works for me, to calm vast thoughts and see everything through my own eye’s.

4)Writing – is one of proof of my existence! So no need to use flower or highfaluting words to impress, because whether the reader loves it or not. It’s me and it makes me feel good and basically that’s why it is called “Journal”.

5)Painting/Sketching– like my writing, it’s one of my comforts expressing my self through arts. (it’s nice to look back that you made something creative and show it to my future kiddo’s)

6)Retail / Spa therapy– if those top listing’s above won’t help me to have my self back again… it will never hurt to hit a mall for a little shopping therapy. You don’t have to buy every thing you want, just divert your attention and your energy for finding good buy! Instead of loosing your hair strands thinking over board on your problems. SPA! My most favorite comfort! Can make me feel and look good! Work in two ways! (Spa will never make me feel guilty)

So, there you go… being comfortable really plays a big part on our lives, to be at our best and most natural self!


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