Techie Addict

If some girls are fascinated collecting bags and shoes, I am beg to differ in the mean time! It’s just that i love having gadgets… it gives me pleasure of exploring how does it function etc. and how can it suffice my needs by being artsy with it.

For example, my ixus65 never fails to give me a nice shot! it’s an old school but when I bought it 2 years ago.. it still gives wonderful results and of course… gives me wonderful aura!

Now, on the other hand, computer’s makes me oh-so so.. whew! it also knock’s me off my feet.

I love writing so, when it comes to medium’s of it… I don’t hesisate of having it so.

let’s cut the chase and here’s my new Acer Baby!

Acer Aspire One in 120GB Intel Atom with original Window’s XP kit!

and this is the first entry on my new baby!


3 thoughts on “Techie Addict

  1. thank you bes! good girls really desreves only the best. Kaya binigay ka rin sa akin ni Lord 😀 bes!

  2. Hello! Thanks for the add and the comment 😉
    Hope you like my random bloggies, it’s the way forward, heh!
    Take care,
    Em x

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