Essence of Water

Yesterday was the busiest day of my agenda in career life. I even forgot to drink water 100%…

Because I was very tired last night, I just washed my face had a sponge bath and hit the bed as soon as I finished all my night regimen. As I woke up, I felt that my lips are chapped and hurting. I reflected why is that so?! then I realized I haven’t drink any drop of water yesterday! my goodness… of all things that must not be forgotten.

Today, I learned my lesson about water. Aside the fact that I love to take a bath 2 to 3 times a day… I should also never forget to have my inside system showered with pure substance! Now… I’ve been drinking 2 pitcher’s of H20 but my lips still hurts from dehydration and few break outs.

Hope this will remind yourself, not to to do the same mistake I had šŸ™‚

Water is Power!

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4 thoughts on “Essence of Water

  1. I never drink water, never ever, except I mean of course in coffee or tea, never ever. [you’re gonna lecture me aren’t you :)]

  2. how can you not drink water the whole day?? i get thirsty every hour or so! which is good, cos it reminds me to drink water, but it’s a bit of nuisance to be going to the bathroom every hour or so. šŸ˜› yeap, water is important!

  3. sulz- it’s the most absurd thing I ever done. I was so busy and tired, very hectic schedule. (first time ever in my life) and now my lips is still hurting from dryness and my body still searching for water. And I will never do the same thing again no matter what ha ha šŸ˜€

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