All tha Jazz

Hollywood Celeb’s

I am a bit weird but I like their style and beauty!

Plus Drew Barrymore’s advocacy is interesting and Renee Z. personality.

Drew B.

Look at that smile! 🙂 Ladies with that kind of aura… whoa. eyelovet!


I love her movie:

Ever After

And now introducing Renee Zellweger

Renee Z.

I love her movie:

Bridget Jones Diary

I can watch this over and over again! I love how vulnerable she is 🙂 The character is great and Renee really pull it off ! Not to forget how professionally she did her diet routine just for the role of Bridget! Gawd she’s sexy!

I also watched a documentary of her which I find her very intelligent and so true to herself. I also adore her sweet face 🙂

I also like these Ladies:

Hillary Duff

I like her:

1) Music

2) Movies: Raise your Voice, Cinderella Stroy, Lizzie M.

3) Style

4) Beauty

Kate Hudson

I like her:

1) Beauty (The smile! Killer smile!)

2) Style

3) Movies: How to loose a guy in ten days, Bride Wars

Kate Hudson's Killer smile!


Kate Beckinsale

Angelina Jolie ( Ilove her Movies)

Guess who? the girl from Interview with the Vampire... Spiderman???

Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings...)


Nicole Kidman

Great Actresses with excellent beauties!


When Bestfriend spoils you…

La Senza Here I Come!

My bes Mylene gave me yummy-licious gift Cheques from Bench that is valid to La Senza Boutique! Our favorite Lingerie brand!

This is not the first time but for Nth time! She spoils me like her own sister! 🙂

I remember when we were  in College she will even bring me a home-cooked spaghetti with a smiling face made from cheese! She is sooo sweet aside from material things she’s been there for me even the toughest times and never did she break my heart or made me cry. We had a little tampuhans pero we try to solve it as soon as possible! 🙂

We’ve been friends since 2004… The first time I saw her with her cute skirts I know we will be friends… I love how taray she is! hahaha. I love mataray girls with innocent face hehe 🙂

Our moments at Chocolat


She made that for me 🙂

The Blog Lovin’ and Twitter Addicts Day!


Meet the Ladies:


Denise (

Mylene Sarah (

Sofie (Hey that’s me!)

Leona (

Abhie (httLaurep://

and Tintin Laurel ( who unfortunately didn’t join us today but next time she will!

Ako nga habol lang! 🙂  Thank God my driver is uber fast and I am 2 hours late! Kamusta naman. Work first before play kaya I am happy the ladies wait for me patiently and may energy pa sila!!!

Anyhoo…I met these fabulous ladies at Multiply and Twitter World. I still want to meet others too like Nikki from Spain! I am just waiting for her to visit our country! hahah! Wala pa akong pamasahe papuntang Spain. She’s one of my pioneer friends in Multiply hahaha! 🙂

I had fun with them… finally fresh air again from Political world. They’re so pretty and excellent taste in fashion especially Denise!!! Leona on the other hand got a flawless skin! Abhie is soo whitey and super AM radio LOL she’s funny! of course my bes… She spoiled me again and not to forget Blooming ang lola mo! I thought the gender of her baby is GIRL! 🙂 Boy pala.

I am so happy to meet them personally! Iba talaga pag ka-blog mo ang kasama mo- it’s like they know you for more than a decade. Parang matagal na kayong magkakasama 🙂

Like Jojo Terencio,  he is my multiply friend and he really had an impact to me. He actually changed my life in career world! He became my life coach when it comes to Corporate matters basta he is something to me 🙂

Thank you everyone for sharing your time with me! Sa uulitin!

Adel Tamano: In my Senatorial Line up!

Event: Mass for Tita Cory's death

Sorry for the “Ngarag Pic”  I have no bangs now… This was taken August 2009 pa.

Anyway have you already completed your senatorial line up just in case you are voting this May 2010 Election?

Well, I have more slots open and my choices right now are:

1) Satur Ocampo

2) Lisa Maza

3) Bongbong Marcos

4) Sen. Miriam Defensor

5) Gilbert Remulla

6) Atty. Adel Tamano

Well, most of them are outstanding and for Tamano… plus 10 points for the cute dimples LOL. (by the way his wife is soo mabaet too, hindi masunget)

Atty. Adel Tamano

(born October 2, 1970) is a Filipino lawyer and politician. He is the spokesperson of the United Opposition and also one of its candidates running for the position of Senator of the Philippines. He was the President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.[1][2][3]


I believe he can make changes in our society aside from his cute dimples and charisma. I already heard him speak and I believe in his advocacies.

Pathway to Public Service

Adel’s early exposure to his father’s commitment to serving the public as a senator and statesman brought profound effects on his way of leading his life. Steeped deeply under his father’s virtuous love of serving his countrymen, Adel has learned the rudiments of life through a well-rounded education pioneered by the premier educational institutions in the country.

Starting off as a high school student from Dela Salle University-Greenhills, he became an Economics degree holder from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1992, then went on to take up his law proper at the same university and graduated in 1996 as a Juris Doctor.

As public service has taken him all the more, he took up Master of Public Administration at the University of the Philippines focusing on Judicial Governance and Reform which he finished in 2003.

This served as a springboard for him to later become the first Filipino Muslim scholar at the Harvard Law School — a singular yet humbling honor that he cherishes dearly in his heart.

An Enviable Honor

Capping Adel’s years of education is his rare distinction as the first Filipino Muslim scholar at the Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachussets for his Master of Laws degree. His entry into this Ivy League school as a graduate program scholar to undertake Islamic Legal Studies has opened his outlook to see the world in a better perspective for humanity — where race, color, faith and ideology do not serve as divisions but rather as unifying factors for humankind to make this world a better place to live in.

He derives his inspiration to serve humanity from God’s gift of humbling talents. His rare opportunity to serve as the commencement speaker of his Harvard class in 2005 has led many observers to believe that he can measure up to taking up tasks of greater responsibility and transformational leadership.

His Harvard education has opened his eyes to look closely to how one can contribute more to the betterment of the society as an offshoot of that kind of education. Adel believes that the worth of education can only be measured by the success of one’s ability to contribute to the greater extent towards the improvement of his country and his society. This was the main message of his commencement address before his fellows who came from more than 60 countries. Indeed, it is not the prestige that goes along a degree from the leading pedigreed university in US that is foremost in their heart. It is their commitment to translating their higher studies into a beacon of hope for humankind to pursue a better lot for everyone.



Do you have Atty Adel Tamano’s Baller or Remullas?

Pahingi. 🙂

Konigin Salon Facial Spa

Ear Candle Therapy

Nowadays, I am always working inside the car while campainging in the road. It’s a multi-tasking stuff so sometimes my feets gets numb especially when I travel for 4-5 hours.

It’s way too different in the office because you can walk around and chill for a while. Since I got no choice in my assignment which I find very exciting, I find ways to entertain my self during break time… In fact munching junkies became an option! it’s very poor option! 😦

So, my spa adventure has increased. Been into Cagayan De Oro to Davao and everywhere and experienced luxurious spa services to downgrade ones.

Moving on, would you believe that I found a Spa in Monumento!!!

If you’ve been there in LRT area, all you will see is fake dvd’s, dried fish and all sorts of 50 pesos clothes and 10 pesos accessories. Never did I expect a paradise of spa and it’s called: KONIGIN SALON FACIAL SPA.

My driver saw the promo girls outside our vehicle and told me “Ma’am there’s a promo girl and I think it’s a Spa crew”  I called the guard and asked for a leaflet! TA-DAH  Spa nga!

It’s a 3 minutes- away from my car so I went and avail body polish (with natural milk) and wrapping! (Soysal!) for only P200.00! it’s 50% off. (original price: P400.00

But what I enjoyed most is the “Ear Candling” it’s only P250.00 and I got it for only P125.00 My first time! So I was kinda scared… But the spa attendant made me feel comfortable and got my trust.

As she put the Indian Ear Candle Dense I felt something tingling sounds… it took 3-5 minutes each and I can’t believe what I saw… a lot of dirt that a cotton buds can’t take! eww but it felt good on me. My ears feels so clean and my hearing somewhat cleared, it’s hard to describe but it’s good especially I am an avid ipod user for 5 years now.

Thanks to Konigin Spa for my wonderful experience in Ear Candling.

Very friendly spa attendants and attentive!

Konigin Salon Facial Spa

Managed & Operated BY: BM Marketing. Ph Company

#120 Mazenoid St. 11th Ave., Caloocan City

Tel. No. (02) 332-8036


Some Tiara

All the Pretty Things

As they say the real world will come to you soon as you finished your studies and off to corporate paradise… Well, for me… I felt the real world when I can no longer have time for pictorials and such.

When I was in my school days, I love  joining drama clubs and theater artist group. I love acting on the stage, I don’t know… It gives me power to express my self with playing different roles that I am not in person. It’s some kinda adventure that one should try 🙂

As for pictures, I love pictorials! I love how make-up artist transform my simple beauty to extra ordinary one 🙂

Why so serious 🙂

Oh well, I guess I just miss the perky side of me… because in corporate world it’s different!

I only have Sunday to wear jeans and short skirts ;P

But I am still trying to stick with my style and not to look boring on my corporate outfit and make-up 🙂 Thanks to Fashion Guru and free reading at book stores LOL

Corporate Clothing