Dermcare Luxe & Wellness Spa

Dahil araw ng kagitingan ngayon I took advantage the Holiday and spent my time blogging and hitting another new spa as part of my life adventure 🙂

Well, this one is also great nabakla ako sa mga crew, cuteness and magaan ang kamay sa facial treatment. I availed the pure body bliss (facial, body scrub, massage, foot s…pa, hand spa, hair works and steam bath) It lasted for almost 5 hours! pero para sa akin parang 1 oras lang sa sarap!

(i feel like I am at Polly pocket world, they have 2nd floor with mini rooms, mini elegant rooms 🙂

(mini CR, pero clean 🙂

(I enjoyed hitting the spa cuz it takes away the stress, grabe na ang work nowadays kaya I am happy to have time for this 🙂
I enjoyed it super energetic again!
I think dito muna ako mag papa-facial and scrub but if I am in Ortigas area Tycoon will be my spa 🙂

Dermcare Luxe the Block
5th floor, the block SM city North Edsa QC

672 3180

672 3120

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