I am always looking forward to snorkeling every summer. I love seeing the biggest natural aquarium that I like to call: The Sea.

Mas na-appreciate ko ang environment like this lalo na kung first hand ko ito ginagawa together with my love one of course, para laugh trip.

Here is our manong captain! he is so friendly… Nag hire kami ng boat para masamahan kami sa aming Island Hopping and Snorkeling. It’s worth it kasi unlimited time naman… bongga pa siya kasi may sounds 😉

Here’s my partner in everything I do… aside from being a great lover.. he is much of my bestfriend! We will not be together for more than 12 years if I am not so happy with him…likewise. We are both crazy about each other!

I am smiling like a fool! great combo, the captain is our photographer too 😉

right here, we are discussing about our next adventure… I wanna go to cave but he doesn’t want because we are gonna ride in a super mini boat  for 10 minutes and he is afraid something might happen.. wow protective. Spoiled Sofie…

after the snorkeling we went Island hopping for the 2nd time… and the worst part!

Na-lobat kami. So once you do the Island Hopping make sure you are super charged because para sa akin yun lang ang binabayaran mo for 80% PICTURE PICTURE haha!!!!

Anyway, in snorkeling part… they super love tinapay kesa sa fish food na bilog bilog 😀


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