Tycoon Envy Spa

as the Spa Queen continue her adventure in experiencing different Spa’s in our country…Here where my golden shoes drag me:

The entrance leading to spa rooms…


(note: I am loving my tan skin)


The Room: I guess this is good for couples. Since I am alone during that time I opted for largest room so I can relax more. I didn’t add something to have the room, super baet lang talaga ang mga crew ng Tycoon Envy Spa especially Ms.Sheryl na super sarap mag masahe 🙂

It was my first time here at Tycoon Envy Spa and I can say panalo ang location, minty smell (I love menthol aroma) and yung service… energetic ang mga crew and smiling face. I experienced irate attendants kasi maybe they’re pagod na rin pero for me it’s not a good thing 🙂


Nag pa wax na rin ako sa kanila, just a regular one.

They only do waxing sa underarms, facial hair, legs and arms wala sila for you know where 🙂 malamang ito lang ang room for waxing!!! 🙂 and pedi/mani.

Nice and Neat 🙂

I will surely go back here pag nasa Ortigas Area ako.

Long Live the Queen of Spa! hahaha LOL

If you have recommendations where to hit a nice spa (from the cheapest to expensive one’s e-mail me @ salvadorsofie@yahoo.com) Thanks!


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