Just Limited

Albert Einstein Got it right!

I am talkative and open all the time but of course not everything I tell.

Sometimes you might feel I have nothing to hide but think again!

I love surprises but I am the one who makes it…

I love mysteries and I am one of those you would love to solve yet you will never have a clue.

I am better than reality so I will be your greatest fantasy.

There are times I will be your wake up call… but on the other hand it can be the other way around.

My smile, my eyes… the way I look at you…my voice… these are the few of my favorite things.

Maybe it’s the way i flip my hair but yet I am already observing everything about you nor it has secret that you don’t wanna know.

My steps… it’s the shoes… Isn’t it great? yet from the moment my foot touches the ground. Everything can change…

Still, I am me. Loving Life.

More than meets the Eye


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