Bataan Days

Bataan rings a chord in the heart of every Filipino. It is a symbol of democracy and freedom – a memorial to the gallant Filipino-American defenders of Bataan who fought decisive battles that delayed the timetable of the well-equipped and better trained Japanese Imperial forces, and changed the course of history in the Pacific.

source: About Bataan

My bestfriend Mylene is from Bataan and she introduced me to her beautiful hometown! Actually, I envy my friends with provinces since I don’t have one.

I am 100% Quezon City Girl… City girl by heart and roots. So, whenever I visit their hometowns I always bring with me the memories of fresh air and nature that surrounds…very different in the city.

Moving on here are some pics from our Bataan moments during our Development Communication Class Project:

We went all the way up here!

It has been the highest stairs ever! But fulfilling when you are already on the top πŸ™‚

@ Helipad with my girlfriends (L-R Doll, RC, ME! and Bes Mhy)

Inside our Shuttle Bus with Dev.Com. Students!

L-R Anes Plata, Mylene, ME!, RC and Doll

We really had a wonderful time in Bataan, my skirt perhaps left a mark there! Hahaha when will I ever learn!!!

As you noticed… I love dressing up but sometimes in wrong occasions like this! LOL (remember my recent trip at Puerto Galera: RE: pants down!)

The Shrimps were overflowing so I am having a happy tummy during that time (I love shrimps!)

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind going there anytime as long as I have my bestfriend with m and I will surely enjoy their

Bukid (Farm) again πŸ™‚


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