Cagayan De Oro City (Food Experience)

Welcome to the City Of Golden Friendship!

This is my first time to visit Cagayan De Oro City and everyone is really friendly!!!

As a first timer of course I hunted for their famous dishes… well due to lack of time only few were discovered by my happy tummy 🙂

Tabing Dagat Restuarant

The Manager should change the spelling 🙂

Actually, the letter “U” is broken 😦

But the food is fine soas the Budget!

We had a long day and I am just looking forward to yummy meals we will have after working double time from one place to another.

Campaigning can sometimes drained you so badly 🙂 There were times, I will just wash my face and totally off to dreamland.

Moving on…

I can eat Seafoods forever!

Iced Mango Float

Now Introducing Jo’s Chicken (It’s a must in CDO Central City!)

Jo's Chicken Inato!

You should ask for the "OIL" of the chicken! (Hello cholesterol but yummy)

Jo's Menu

Also, If you are a LANSONES fan! This will be your paradise!

You can avail Lansones as low as Php 20.oo for 1 Kilo.

OA na kung may 45-50 na nag offer sa iyo. 🙂


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