Me and my work

At Senate President Office (My Boss' Villar's term)

I must say, Election 2010 is the busiest days of my life… especially right now we are down to 2 weeks before May 10, 2010.

I mastered the 2-3 hours of sleep and off to road in a jiffy… Also the power of “NAP”. I sometimes feel my self snoring in a matter of minutes! That’s how sleepy and tired I am! But then when i think about my Boss and his vision for our country together with my officemates and supporters: I feel much alive. (plus my lola cheering for me!)

My team gives me strength (Joyce, Hazel, Kap and Sir Brian) I can be my self around them. I am more productive when we huddle up and then share some funny conversations (after a hardcore- serious meeting) that will make my face turn red until I give up laughing.

Sofie, Gil, Brian Edang, Hazel and Kap Aguila

They are my inspiration and also one of my Idol too is my former head in OFW department, Ms. Judith Sto.Domingo! I look up to her 🙂 I refer her as my mentor.

(OFW TEAM 2009- RJ, TIN, sen villar, MS JUDITH STO.DOMINGO, Ms. Lerma and Amie

The first time I saw her at the office of Senator Villar… I am so starstrucked! She is so pretty! Very well dressed, elegant and when she began questioning me for interview… I really gave my best and there were times I can’t speak because I am loving what i see and hear! (kakahiya hehehe)

She’s Intelligent and has a strong personality! that’s what I admire most.

From that moment, i told my self I want to be simply like her… but she’s way too smart but I guess I can meet her half way from time goes by 🙂 Also she is very kind and will help you to achieve your dreams.

Sofie, Mitch, MS. JUDITH, Joyce

She even guided me for what to do in my career path. Only few people will teach you nowadays for free. She is simply the best and I light up when I see her at our office just like Senator Manny Villar’s impact to me 🙂

I admire people who helps you to achieve your dreams, goals and other aspirations in life. I say to nega-peeps… I even stay away from them because I got no room for downers LOL 🙂

I am so lucky to work with them! I am so proud to be an Employee of Senator Manny Villar.

2 thoughts on “Me and my work

  1. Hi Ms. Sofie, I’m also aspiring to work at senate of the phils but I don’t know where to start. I want to go there and walk in to bring my resume but I’m afraid of rejection that they will not entertain me. I don’t have any connections inside. I also worked in a gocc company before and graduate in PUP.

  2. @michie012488

    Hi michi, thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I don’t have any connections when I started at the Senate, in fact after graduation… I went again for OJT at the Senate, without pay or allowance! just t have a glimpse on how political world works! then I submitted resumes to 24 Senators and yes, I have been rejected by others and I just can’t believe, I passed at the Senate President’s office 🙂 anyway, if you have more questions please email me at… I am happy to help you in my own little ways!

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