Some Tiara

All the Pretty Things

As they say the real world will come to you soon as you finished your studies and off to corporate paradise… Well, for me… I felt the real world when I can no longer have time for pictorials and such.

When I was in my school days, I love  joining drama clubs and theater artist group. I love acting on the stage, I don’t know… It gives me power to express my self with playing different roles that I am not in person. It’s some kinda adventure that one should try 🙂

As for pictures, I love pictorials! I love how make-up artist transform my simple beauty to extra ordinary one 🙂

Why so serious 🙂

Oh well, I guess I just miss the perky side of me… because in corporate world it’s different!

I only have Sunday to wear jeans and short skirts ;P

But I am still trying to stick with my style and not to look boring on my corporate outfit and make-up 🙂 Thanks to Fashion Guru and free reading at book stores LOL

Corporate Clothing


One thought on “Some Tiara

  1. Hi Sofie,

    I came across your blog while randomly/mindlessly checking the net. I am a fan. Well done. Love the way you merge hollywood glamour, places to see in the Phils, a bit of politics, girly stuff, your passion for fashion into a blog. You really live “the life.” Way to go girl!


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