Steve Madden’s

It’s very comfortable for office use 🙂
I bought this for 25% off!! The original price is P 4,250 (90 Dollars something- jut do the math 47 x dollar)

Well, I couldn’t say NO!!!
number one reason: super comfortable shoes! very soft!!!


Coach Sneakers

  • Signature jacquard fabric with leather trim and grosgrain webbing
  • Brushed nylex lining
  • Rubber sole

Color: Khaki/ Ahara

Whoot!!! I am so inlove with it, although there’s no smaller logo print.. I am still happy ❤

Now, I dont know where I can sport my first purchased stuff in Coach 🙂
Whatever- I am happy to have it.

Fashion Week

It’s been 2 years long since I enjoyed Fashion Show! I am so happy to have an invitation in an exclusive spring summer 2010 collection of Jerome Lorico and Eric de los Santos and the first person came into my mind to go with was my bestfriend Mylene [info]sarahintud! We share the same interest when it comes to my out of this world Ideas.

My work can be a life sucking energy (but I am happy to bea busy bee!) and sometimes will drain you to become a “manang” in noooo time (now that is not the idea of living life to the fullest lol)… so instead of drowning my self into not so sweet life.. I am trying to work things out and live my life without strings. I am just happy that my most behaved bf loves me and my crazy fascinations.

So, this is my first time to watch a fashion show by invitation and oh boy! my eyes were so excited seeing different people with excellent taste in clothing.

I am not  so prepared for the show because I have work at the same time.. still i dont know what to wear neither. I opted for safe color: Black!
anyway, I dont mind what i am wearing at all for the event, what i am excited about is the experience I’ll share with my best girl…

AND I am so desperate to experiment with make-up, I can’t wear strong make-up in the office for God knows why and might look like during the make-up experiment phase.


My bes and i
@ her condo in Olympic Heigths, East Wood (upper east wood?!! lol)

I am so fat! the black couldn’t hide it! my gawd I am back to square one that’s why i am obsessing about weight loss!

I love mirror shots!
and most likely you’ll find me doing this inside powder rooms haha!!!

See, no curves Beep Beep!
I need to hit 120 before 2009 ends.
Pwamiz 😉
current: weight from 150 last 2 months
I am now 138.5
20 pounds more!

another Mirror shot!

The Ramp

Me and my bes!
we came late like 1 hour still the show has not yet started.

Sarah M. and Joey Mead was there!
So thin! hope I spelled there names right hahah.


Models of Jerome Lorico
his collection speaks for me.
Simple yet elegant.

AND super thin and tall models!
with huge hair!

Models of Eric D.
Flawless yet they look old.
Oh my they look hot.
Buns Buns everywhere.

Super full after the show!



@ Tempura

Yakisoba 🙂

I love it.

Still yum yum everythign is yummy!

hmm this is not so yum yum Veggies hahaha, someday someday veggies will be my 1001% diet.


I love this day, basically will be the highlight of my social life!

Color my Lips: CHANEL, MAC, SMASHBOX, REVLON etc..

Is there any girl in this world happens to own one lipstick or doesn’t experiment with different shades of lipstick? Kindly tell me who is she and I will be gladly to praise her LOL! Because in my case, I can’t have one lipstick with no back-ups or any selection… maybe I will never have enough 🙂

Lipstick is a tool in girls lips for face decoration. lipstick gained popularity as a result of its use in the movie industry, and it became commonplace for women to apply makeup, (wikipedia)

It is also one of my top buys when I go shopping for beauty products, some Lipstick disappoint me but there are few brands like MAC cosmetics and Maybelline that makes my lips look healthier without flaking or something. I only use lipsticks occasionally! I recommend using Lip Balm for everyday use tho’

Anyway, to start with Lipstick Review… lemme present you my new babies!

Chanel Lipstick in Rouge a Aventure Hydrabase no. 45

Sorry for the chopped top LOL
I didn’t know how to open the cap and accidentally damaged the top of it!

This lipstick has a light feeling on the lips.

I opt for red hues because that is the color that suits me than pink or pale shades.
I already look pale enough LOL
Pink shades can be my bestfriend but I still dont know what kind of pink shade is good for me 🙂



smashbox lip enhancing gloss in Desire


Revlon Just Bitten

in Berry Juicy

Oh this one is also great when you want to have that red pucker lips without the feeling of having creamy lipstick because it’s only stain! I actually love it too! Ripen lips! Juicy, water-weight formula made with real fruit extracts stains lips for a sweetly seductive pout. Each shade features its own succulent, fruity flavor and scent. Rollerball tip precisely applies color.

MAC Lipstick in DIVA

(red shade)

Face of Australia

Wine ‘n’ Roses


Svelte Lipstick

I thought this one is in odd color! but when I tried svelte lipstick it is also in red hue with shimmer.
Very sexy and fabulous.


Now, I am excited to use everything in every occasion that piled up on the month of December!

it’s fun being a girl!

Thanks to my Fairy in LAlaland
for giving generously the amazing make-up haul!

Sweet Cheeks Dollface

I usually go for powder blush-on due to my oily sensitive skin. Creamy blush-on and stain doesn’t stay long on my cheeks. Sayang! So, it’s really hard for me to meet my perfect match when it comes to blush-ons.

Still! I don’t give up to find a nice stain or creamy blush on that will look natural on my cheeks! To introduce you my first adventure with Tarte Cosmetics– here’s my first Tarte product!

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain

Cheek stains are free of alcohol so they won’t dry out your skin and oil so they won’t clog your pores. They are infused with the Tarte t5 super fruit complex™ is a proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate. The first blend of its kind, the t5 super fruit complex™ is loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant rich nutrients and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits with each application.

it is so cute it has a shimmery effect to add a glowy aura on my face!
This is also good for upcoming summer huh?!
Well, I hope this will be fine with me because I love the sheer candy pink!

It’s fun being a girl!

Thanks to my Fairy in LAlaland
for giving generously the amazing make-up haul!
The greatest gift I ever received for 2009!

and to my fairy Jojo Terencio!
I love you!

Congressman Manny Pacquioa and Jinkee

Manny Pacquioa and Sofie Salvador! (whoot that’s me!) @ Laurel Mansion he is so amazing and he really speaks from the heart.

me and my officemates trying to get a picture from the Man! It was all fun!

His passion to help our people is beyond words can say. I admire everything he said during his oath taking in Nacionalista Party. Nagsikap talaga si Manny P. para maiahon niya ang kanyang pamilya sa kahirapan, may pagkakataon pang natulog siya sa bangketa at karton lamang ang sapin. May pagkakataon din na nanghihiram sila sa kapitbahay ng isang takal ng bigas na gagawin na lugaw ng kanyang ina upang may makain sila sa buong araw…  basta, he is simply amazing I tell yah’ 🙂