Design of my Wedding Dress

Right after election, I was so inspired and excited to get my hands on for the big day!

My Wedding!

I am almost half way finishing my guest list and finally decided my motiff. But before sharing to you all the details 🙂

I will share first the design of my wedding dress that took me months!

Ivanka Trump: I want exactly the lower part of that gown! I fell in love with the details!


The back is so sexy! classy... my taste.

Just look how beautiful it is 🙂 Simple yet elegant!

But I also I want this design in the back 🙂

I love the upper back design! so soft in the eyes...

 and for the front design…

disclaimer:  I accepted the fact already! That I can’t wear a tube or sleeveless top! my arms are too big haha! 🙂

Yep, acceptance is the key! 🙂 Now I am ready to move on! haha 🙂

That's the upper design I WANT! will just work it out on the sleeves 🙂

Or I’ll just mixed the upper design with Monique L’s lacey cover in upper part that goes all t he way from the back! All I need to find is a nice lacey thingy with my designer. I have been always in love with a classic designs 🙂 awww my goodness can’t believe I already found the design! Now I need to make this happen!

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