I am just a geek in Christian Louboutin with shades of MAC.

How many of us like someone who is geeky enough? If you have other definition of a geeky person, by all means enlighten me but for now I will confess to you how geeky I am in some ways ♥

In School

Although I am not the type of an “A” straight student… But  I am super active in school organizations since grade school. I love humanitarianism! I find it fulfilling.

I also love leading a team that’s why most of the time I got Presidential seats 🙂 My first experience to be a President in a classroom was when I am in 4th Grade.

I love challenging my self, I love competing that’s why in 3rd Grade I already competed in an Art Competition!

My interests are random but mostly I love Quiz Bee’s, Art Competition (Abstract Division), Writing Short Stories, Slogans and even joined Ms. United Nations in 5th Grade… I was Ms. Italy back then. err.

I am always in Top 10 but never reached top 1! Math destroys me. 🙂 That’s why not a straight “A” student.

M A T H! how can i ever forget you when you ruined my transcript! then in Summer class I aced 4.5 for you… tiny points to have a perfect 5! (5 is the highest)

Anyway, I had a roller coaster geeky ride during my school days how looser I am with those dorky hair style, poor skin at times and not so good socks! But then during my grade school years… my notebook is already United Colors of Benetton. First met DKNY in 4th grade then maintained the brand-whore style like forever.

Revlon? Lipstick! 6th grade my teacher was so furious! Chanel? yep my nails were covered with those yummy colors… Hello Mr. Principal. Not to forget when red hair rocks… Highschool? yeah I love Highschool! But then never did I experienced detention room. I just turned things back to normal the next day, like the color of my hair. 🙂 Good times! Good times!

So, Now I am already in Professional World… I am still a geek! Loves to read American Literature, Mozart to Bob Arci pieces and all those classy jazz artist. Nick Joaquin, Pablo Neruda, Allan Edgar Poe, Andy Warhol, Art of War, Obama-rama and a lot more. It’s like I am an Old Soul or what!

So you think you’ll love my interests? I still love to paint, colour, pick up flowers, stargazing, talking to strangers etc.

As for Celebrities… I love Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and I love Queen Rania, Ivanka Trump and other high profile peeps who manage to stay pretty and brainy at the same time.

In Movies… I can watch anything but hardly Sci-fi it annoyes me how fake those special fx it has. eww.

Sports… I love badminton and hitting the gym but I am more active in a scrabble game or word factory! I can even beat you in a Millionaires  Game Board or Visionary.

I am a boring person (I like boring things) who can’t live without her Ipod! ♥

but hell yah… I have a good humor even sometimes it turned out to be sarcastic. LOL

I love working in Politics…

with my Boss 🙂 Senator Manny Villar

and look who’s with me at the picture below!

Senator Bongbong Marcos

I love Marcoses, but not the Martial Law.

Political World is a circus but I am proud to participate in 2010 election. So now I am about to step in a new geeky techie world in business… again,  I am just a geek in Christian Louboutin with shades of MAC.

few from my make-up collection ♥


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