The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Polish

The best body polish I ever used at home


I am  a sucker for toiletries and when I am in a beauty store it’s like I am in a bookstore! Same amount of time spent and ends up spending twice with those divine beauty potions in bottle and whatever packaging they came from!

Is it normal? anyway I don’t wanna know. It makes me happy if only Sephora come here to our motherland! whoosh!

Anyhoo! I am also lucky to be bless with generous friends, not only that my bes mylene spoils me much but other friends too from coast to coast! Leona Jane or simply narda on my mind because of her twitter user name 🙂 gave me a bagful of beauty potions from The Body Shop and oh love them so!

Since the first night i used it… I know we will be good buddies in shower! especially at night 🙂 (I use Olay Shea Butter every morning) It’s been a week and I am loving the result! My skin is more glowy and smells good! seriously.

Now, don’t ask me maybe it’s Olay and the lotion that I am using… but since it was added on my everyday I use 🙂 It made more difference as I aim for more smooth and younger skin! naks.

Thanks Leona for the gift! Kulang ang two days of chikahan! Balik ka rito sa pinas ha 🙂

Thank you din for calling me before going to Singapore. You put a smile on my face during gloomy days of my beautiful life 🙂


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