Small Store but Pricey Cake ♥

If there’s a cookie monster, I am a cake monster! 🙂 I love cakes and its presentation, so detailed and fantastic!

One of my Favorite cakes is from Estrel’s

goodness I can be a cake-monster forever!

Estrel’s famous caramel cake! It’s just a hundred per slice and you are on the top of the world LOL  🙂 Very addicting.

yummy caramel icing!

  So when are you planning to order your caramel cake? 🙂

I recommend this Cake Shop ♥

  • 54 Sct. Tobias cor. Sct. Limbaga Quezon City
  • 372-2965 (Phone)
  • Estrel’s caramel cake is unique! will make you crave for more and makes it special for occassions.

    (1st Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Mousse and 2nd is Banoffee Pie from Banapple)


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