I Shall Return!

At Mc Arthur's Park in Tacloban-Samar


“I Shall Return!” As per General Mc Arthur who once said the famous line during world war 2.  

I’ve been longing to see the place since my lolo daddy grew up in Samar . It’s nice to know your roots and everything… So finally I visited the place! it was wonderful, fresh air and more tree’s that you don’t usually see in the city.  

(sorry for the low quality pic. it's from my BB)


It is really something… Also different from local cities I’ve been to during my Pilipinas City Tour. It’s actually small and most of the houses in Tacloban is big. I also noticed that their tricycle is like from the ancient times LOL 🙂  

Tricycle in Tacloban


Cutesy huh? ♥ I wanted to ride on that thing but I am so busy that I couldn’t squeezed it in to my schedule… so I just snapped it out and ta-dah! lovely foto.  

Moving on, when it comes to foodtrip you can never go wrong here:  

Stephanie's Eat ALL YOU CAN for only Php 200.00


I even had my embarrassing moment here… I went earlier than the said opening like 5-10 minutes. All the food were served and I was starving and “naglalaway” from those yummylicious foods! So I end up being the first one who get something from the buffet table together with my manager. I was curious tho’ wondering why the other customers seems like waiting for something… and there you go! 11:00 a.m. the bell rang! which means you can start now… Holy Molly! I turned red! 🙂  

Inside Stephanie's Restaurant (parang sa bahay lang ♥)


Again wait for the Bell ♥  

And yes I shall return!  

One thought on “I Shall Return!

  1. Great pictures. I really enjoy the post. I am a food trip lover, it looks so interesting there. Thanks for sharing.

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