The way she showed her Love ♥


Yesterday was the hottest temperature in Philippines… ehem 37.5 C. So hot! I stayed in bed for hours surfing the net and crackberry-ing… ’till I tweeted something that my bes Mylene told me to come over! (well we are discussing about food and stuff) and I took it seriously!!! after 10 to 20 minutes or less… I was already knocking on her door! That fast— zoom.

Look what she cooked for me ♥

Zitti version of Mylene Sarah Intud ♥

Mouthwatering huh?! not too much until you see the other dish that her mom brought to us! scroll it down…




So yummy indeed! I even felt sleepy while eating! I ate 5 small plates of pasta and one whole slice of this sinful cake! Plus COKE! ♥

geesh! I love it… Also I hit the shower just like the old good times! i always do that during our college years at my bestfriend’s house. I love taking a bath! I don’t know why 🙂 and there are certain bathrooms that I really adore! weird huh? well it’s the first thing I adore in a house ♥ Lovely bathroom!

Inside my bestfriend’s spacey bathroom you’ll find goodies from: J&J, Aveeno, Kerastase, The Body Shop etc….

Don’t you just love toiletries?! ♥ Me Likey! I am sucker for toiletries and can really spend so much moolah with those cute li’l things! 🙂

Thank you so much bes for your time spent with me ♥ Love you! and pluez activate you wordpress again haha!


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