Remember my first post about owning a shoes from Coach this year?
I am very happy to bought one from my hard earned moolah!
Although it’s only a shoe but I am happy to have stuff from Coach already!
That’s how my happiness goes ecstasy!

Now, I am happy to received a handbag from Coach !
I think this one is a clutch or a pouch? (enlighten me)
it’s a gift from my bf’s cousin named Nina.

When I first saw it my eyes were smiling as if it was a diamond!
i told you i go nuts with girly-girly stuff!
Oh well, I am very happy to have this!
I am very determined to buy my achievable dream bag this 2010!
Wish me Luck! (hopefully I will be more disciplined on handling my finances this 2010)

I love the leather of this bag! so smooth!
Also the details, very cute!
(especially the ribbon!)

I love the ribbon! but also makes me think about Burberry :))

I am excited to use this!
Now, when?!

Thanks Nina & Phil!


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