Sarah Geronimo

I saw her once in our hometown  in her old house at Mindanao Avenue (year 2005-06), kung san naging magkapitbahay kami.

I was holding my nag-aagaw buhay kong dog when she shouted at the balcony “aww anong nangyari” and I was crying hindi na ako na star-struck because I was thinking of my dog’s life.. anyhoo.. kakaaliw siya because she’s too friendly, no mean bones like my Boss’ daughter Camille Villar and right now still the same ol’ Sarah mabait pa din 🙂

I am so happy she joins the Villar Camp!

His father even remembered me and said  “ikaw yung mahilig mag jogging sa gabi!” I laughed and replied: “Ako nga po haha”

anyway here’s some pic!


Orange Generation with Camille Villar, Sarah Geronimo (Team Villar Youth Ambassadress), Sofie Salvador (New Media writer LOL) Joyce and Ms Sheryl from Media too 🙂

With Manay Lolit Solis


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