The Heat is on at Shangri-la Edsa Hotel’s HEAT!

This is my 2nd favorite buffet style yum-yum (Sofitel is number 1)

Girls just wanna have fun.. oh oh gurls just wanna eat a lot!

very hospitable crews they got!
“Frank” is the name of our attendant!

First Round: lots of seafoods! lobster and shrimps my favorite!

More seafoods from RC’s plate!

Lobster- to die for! yum!

ordinary soup, I just love the crab strings 🙂

Lemon Ice Tea Fusion with Calamansi in Jug!

2nd Round! before hitting the dessert

I like this rice. whats this? ♥

lamb, sorry but I dont eat lamb, my friends does 🙂

Yummy shrimp dish!

Introducing Desserts!

(I am getting lazy putting some captions heheh)

Dolly and I

RC and I

I had fun with the girls @ Shangri-La Hotel!
It was nice to bond with dolly and RC again!


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