The Scent

I love what Santa brought to me as my perfume for 2010!
Oh well, Gap Dream will always stay with me!
it’s my signature scent, next to Ferragamo and Polo Spot Woman.

But my mood changes so I don’t usually stick on one perfume a week…
I love changing scents.. But If I don’t have time to choose.. back to my signature ones!
it makes me feel safe! LOL
Bulgari Omnia – Amethyst
At first I really don’t like the smell… but after 5-10 minutes… I smelled it again and I already appreciate the smell, sweet and soft..
it’s too strong on the first mist..

Sex in the City Kiss by Instyle inspired by Jessica Parker

Everyone in my crowd including my family how I love SATC..
My mom even tells me: “Aren’t you tired watching it, over and over again?”

My Answer: NO! as long as I am breathing SATC will be my love!
anyway! I am surprised that SATC has a perfume line!
My gawd! i love it!
The scent is sexy and breezy something like that…

I love SATC but not to the point I’ll collect stuff from it..
The Movie and Series is absolutely fine.
Hope someday someone will give me a full original series in dvd collection of SATC!
because i still dont have it!

(actually I am a Gap White Fan– but dream replaced it… and it’s not that sexy anymore 😦 anyhoo…
I received 10 bottles of this!?
crazy huh? I love it! won’t even share this hahaha!

I am addicted to this scent!

Clinique Happy!
My perfume when I was still in High School!
I love this old skewl scent ♥

something for my bath collection 🙂

The smell is kinda strong.. good for super cold weather LOL

Oh well that’s it for now!


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