Beauty Bar Philippines is like Sephora in the Philippines! You can find almost everything you need in Beauty Bar!

Also they have Dashing Diva the ultimate nail spa experience which I can attest to that!

Dashing Diva was named by New York Magazine as the Best Manicure Experience in 2004 Survey! and it is sooo true! I told yah, when it comes to pampering world… Ladies you can ask me anytime and even talk about it 24/7! Anyhoo, I tried the All-Out Diva Manicure (45 mins) and All-Diva Pedicure (60 mins) Gawd… you’ll love it! Heavenly experience! 🙂

After pampering my nails which made me cancel my appointment on my senior stylist for hair pampering session, I decided to buy few goodies because the greatest make-up goodies for year-end love has arrived! (will post about it tomorrow! it came during my office hours and you know the feeling of being busy and then you’ll see something that will surely make you HIGH!! ohhhhh that’s what i felt! HIGH!) anyway, here’s some basic goodies that I bought in Beauty Bar:

Tootsie Roll Pouch

You’ll love the chiq style of this Pouch where you can put your lip balm, face powder, oil paper, slim comb and little cash holder (magic wallet) and you are ready to go!

This pouch is good to use in-between office hours meeting etc.
Alam mo yung hindi mo na kailangan bitbitin yung malaki mong bag palagi?!
Ako kasi I can’t wear small bags during office days.. I can’t survive, kaya I always have extra bag just in case kailangan lumabas ng office for a meeting etc na alam kong kakailanganin ko during powder room breaks.

It has a cute handle and Zipper Lock

Burt’ Bee Beeswax Lip Balm
It did not let my siprits down and literlly beat my chapstick or nivea lip balm!
I am forever in love with Burts Bee worth every cents!

Beeswax Lip Balm

Get naturally soft, healthy lips!

Prestige Soft Blend Water Proof Eye Liner

Code: EW. 10 Star

We all know that white eye liner makes our lovely eyes more “gising look” brigther and livelier!
I recommend this for events or special occasion for natural look.
I opted for the shimmer one because I am acidic and the plain white eye liner won’t cooperate with me!
it goes away like I didn’t applied it!

Actually I am having fun discovering the right make-up for me and little by little I am finding the one!

It’s fun being a girl!

Dashing Diva
Inside Beauty Bar shop


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