and All the Pixie Dust

Actually, sometimes the trick for putting make-up– is layering 🙂 I mean, before putting powder on my face..I usually put the “base”first then concealer for my eye-luggage then lastly the powder magic. I don’t know what other girls do but I am open for discussion on how you usually do your make-up especially on this part (foundation, powder and stuff):)

Anyway, maybe the 4th element next to powder is putting a Bronzer.. see I am not really good putting on make-up and still wanting to educate my self for the love of face-decoration! hahaha!

So, here’s some products of Mineral Make-up:

Neutrogena Mineral Sheer

Mineral Sheer Bronzer 10
Delight your skin with minerals.

  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Available in bronzer and 4 sheer shades
  • 0.18 oz.

note: the brush is so soft!

Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Powder

Applying it using a kabuki brush is awesomeness!
Most mineral powder makeup, tapping it on helps it cover better, while brushing it on makes it work more like a regular powder.
It also comes with sponge but I am not really a big fan of sponges :))

Actually I am thankful that I have no harmful reactions using mineral make-up because some of my friends suffered from skin acne so if a make-up gives you the crazy reaction, stop using it and have fun discovering what’s good for your lovely skin.

It’s fun being a girl!

Thanks to my Fairy in LAlaland

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