Cup’s of Cup

I made a promise that i will not allow my self to get addicted to wonderful taste of caffeine... But since I started working, I can’t help but find a another way (in fact bazillion ways to make me feel fine in the end of the day or everywhere-in-between) to make me feel I am still me, the perky sofie šŸ™‚ or let us say- just to take the stress away because some of my random things to make me feel good has no longer effect lol.

BOOM* and then coffee came into my life. Like real coffee!!! Geesh, I am not really a coffee drinker.

For one major reason…

I have read a lot of reviews that caffeine can add another cause from having acne especially from oily face.
Since I am a combination type and my battle to own a clear smooth face has been running for ages! IĀ tried really hard- to stay from caffeinated drinks (too bad softdrinks hasn’t gone out to my system…)

Moving on I juts can’t believe…. I am consuming two cups of coffee every week based on my observation!

Currently I am being paranoid that maybe that’s the reason why I am breaking out… but maybe it’s only paranoia because I also have my period… or maybe because I am sleeping on late hour’s (Well, as you all know my time here at the office is unpredictable! so my earliest time home is around 10 p.m.— and when I am already home I can’t sleep checking my personal websites, email etc, watch news and watch half of a tear-jerkerĀ  movie. It’s already part of my night routine) so blah blah…IĀ am now going out of the topic…

So back to coffee topic… I am just wondering if the Metro Star Transit commercial is really accurate– that the coffee is good for our skin!

Now I am totally confused.

The bottom line is— I want to know the real reason what is the effect of the Coffee to our body.
Because I am already confused from what I am reading from reviews and hearing from the Metro.

Oh, dont tell me to ask a doctor.. I have no time to have a certain conversation with a professional… that is soo vain already haha!

and yes, why do we drink coffee?


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