Journal Outbreak

"My Words, My Blog"

The essence of a journal doesn’t rely on how extravagant you lived your life or using grandiose words to make the reader’s vowed on your writings… it’s part of it but that’s not all.

The essence of a journal in my opinion are two things: how moving it is and how can it help you as the author of your own piece.(as we all know, Journal is also a therapy)

It’s all about expressing your inner thoughts or sharing your life stories that can be a help nor be a lesson to others or simply… just because.

Your rants and sad stories can come naturally. But don’t go overboard because each of us had already our fair share of miseries, so try to balance it or you’ll end up attracting negative people who share the miseries instead of sympathizing with you…

So, don’t be afraid, it’s your journal … write whatever you wanna write with full conviction and be happy!

Have Fun!

Picture Source: chachahavana/flicker


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