MAC Lisptick

First of all, I missed mimi’s [info]oo_mimi_oo girly post and when she started to post new entries again same as her sister irene [info]irene82..I am loving the world of girls again. Mimi is one of the local blogger I love.

Moving on, because of her recent post about MAC cosmetics… I obsessed having a new lipstick in MAC which reminded me that I haven’t tried any of MAC lipstick yet which is kinda weird because I have bought few of MAC stuff before…

and because of being obsessed to have a MAC lipstick…

I was impressed by mimi’s pick (cherish) but unfortunately the shade was not for me! so into my dismay, seeing all the colors in front of me … I can’t choose what’s best for me and honestly I am still in search for perfect shades for my lips…
I am a bit shy asking super questions to salesgay (salesman lol) because I’m afraid he might get annoyed. or something… but after asking the best shade for me in few lipstick trials (3) I ended up buying TWIG which is much closer to my lip color. *safe*
Lovely Paper Bag of MAC
or what do you call it ba?
when I bought my MAC haul they only put it in an ordinary Rustan’s Paper Bag *boo*

Call me crazy, but I have a “thing” for paper bags/plastic bags… I am collecting cute designer paper bags/plastics and use it in rare times… sometimes I  even  feel guilty of using it! I don’t know why!?! but of course I use it anyway. (after 6 months haha!!!)

pardon me for the poor quality pics.. it’s already late night and my light is not enough lol


and I must say MAC lipstick is really great!
It stayed on my lips for more than 7-8 hours

without chapping or having a white line inside my lips!
it’s hard to describe the annoying thing that happens to my lips when wearing a lipstick


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