One of a Kind

Warning: Cheesy Post! roar!

I got the flower through a mystery ribbon paper and said “Congratulations! It’s your lucky day, go get the cake from the bride”
I thought I just won a cake, but then it was the bride’s flower… they had a new way of making all the single ladies to get the bride’s flower.

He got the garter through everyone’s voting but then they didn’t knew that we were engaged until, he step forward and as few steps closer to me, I flaunt my engagement wring and tell them he is my Fiance.

Then there was a game, he should kiss me 3x like what will the groom will do…
First, the kiss in the cheek.

Second the Kiss on the ears.. ( I feel so shy because this is the first time ever he kissed me infront of everybody! we are not into PDA’s kase hehe but I love it and super *kilig* every bit of his kiss, I hear the mua* thing.

And the 3rd kiss, aww I thought I’ll faint.

I love him, even sometimes my heart breaks, I love him.

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