Ring Ring!

Because I want to have both….

I end up buying another partner in life for personal use.. (games games games and tweetie although I already have FB and Tweetie) I am just addicted to tweeting, seriously.

I am so happy because so far my new phone has 50 plus application! and I can still overload it!! Happy? damn happy!
I can’t wait to put more application on my iphone, itouch, and Blackberry! all of ’em are touch screen… love it! But I sill keep my Nokia N81 it’s my lucky charm and it’s my unlimited line…

I need my blackberry because of e-mail. I need it so badly since I go around places and needed to be updated 24/7.
Also, my ubertwitter..I am loyal to ubertwitter LOL maybe I will learn to love tweetie 😉

See.. jut because of e-mail, ubertwitter, Word to Go, Sheet to Go xls, Slideshow for presentations and facebook!
I am surrounded by these great things. I am blessed.

I work hard and play smart!
That’s what Happy, Optimistic and full of Love person like me deserves! LOL
Stay Positive I tell ya’ it’s great 🙂

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