Black Notebook

I love to doodle and taking notes. It’s like a twitter in a hard copy LOL 🙂

When Twitter and Facebook “What’s on your mind” are  not yet the deal, pen and paper are my companion. I remember back then, whenever I am angry or simply happy… I write everything just to let it out 🙂 I even love to draw a small moving cartoon such as stick people  below the pages of my notebook.

But even there’s already a twitter and FB message status, I still keep a notebook with me 🙂

Moving on… for the past few years my favorite notebook is from Moleskine:

The Black Notebook

It is simple yet elegant 🙂

Love the texture of Moleskine paper 🙂

With or without lines I both love it. I just needed this one with lines because my office notes can be so complicated due to my hand writing and also I love to write anywhere if there’s no line 🙂

Also, I love the cover of Moleskine! The color does not fade easily and free from scratches.

Go and grab your Moleskine now and enjoy taking notes 🙂

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