A Private Sale & Comic Book

Today was indeed a productive day in my work. I’ve been so busy from the past few days that’s why I don’t tweet and I  missed blogging so much!

I had a long day because of scheduled meetings! 🙂 I was also interviewed by newly elect Cong. Mark Villar,  the son of Nacionalista President, Senator Manny Villar. It was held at Starbucks and oh boy! good thing I am always ready for interviews and composing myself in a jiffy! why i say so? I just came from an extensive work out since I replaced my 1 hour lunch for a 2 months program of working out!!! fortunately, the effect of working out to me was great! I feel more energized after doing cardio exercises (yes, with “s”).

I tried not to show that I am “panting” by smiling a lot while answering his questions 🙂 Anyway, it was quite an experience… my first time to be interviewed by a Congressman. He is very cool!

Moving on, I went straight for my next agenda which is advertising. I was assigned at the North area so while doing my thing… I am so lucky to be invited from private sale in Topshop & Dorothy Perkins. I received the VIP invitation couple of weeks ago and oh my gosh, I hoarded! It was a great deal 🙂

Mid Season Sale!

As much I want to go overboard in hoarding, I had 10% of self-control left on my bloodstream! Last night I was already invited in private sale in Forever 21 grand opening and bought come cute stuff! 🙂 Don’t you love private sales?!

Oh well, I also bought a new comic book!

My Tita Gina introduced me to Archie Comics during gradeschool 🙂

I felt so bad that I stopped reading comic books since I graduated. Now, I’ll try my best to make this a habit aside from hardcore books I have for reading. I am also surprised that Mr.Weatherbee also known as Waldo has a new staff named Rita also called Mrs. Sanchez. I miss Betty and Veronica! also Jughead the coolest ever.

I also noticed it was not Dan De Carlo anymore for issue #179 and somewhere 100 something. It is now Dan Parent… interesting… anyway regardless! same Archie gang! 🙂

To accompany me on  late night reading, I bought something from the Face Shop:

Herbal Therapy - Clarifying Mask Sheet

For aroma therapeutic effect.

Tea Tree & Bergamot are excellent for oily acne-prone skin as having strong sebum controlling.

Anyway, I’ll give it a try 🙂 I just want to relax.

I had a wonderful day! Have a great week-end people 🙂


About the BB cream in Shawil, not for me! it made me break out *boo 😦


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