An old poor man richer than me

On my way to office, a 60-ish poor man sat beside me at MRT. He was staring at my hands while observing his old skin… I was wondering what’s on his mind…

He looks harmless so I didn’t mind at all. After a few minutes he told me he envy my skin. I took off my headphones and listened to him. He said he once had a youthful skin… he even told me I have beautiful eyes and take care of them because for him our eyesight is the light of our life.

I can’t say a word but kept on smiling from what he is saying. I let him be. He told me about his life and showed me some pictures of his idol Elvis Presley and how amazing his work. He was very proud of it.

It’s a rare event that a stranger would open up his heart with all sunshine beams 🙂 He is so damn happy.

Moving on, when I am about to alight he said “Lady, Please take this Php 5.00 for your break time”

I was likewell my heart crying. I have the idea of giving him money, but of course it might hurt his feelings. He is not begging or something. I just told him thank you and I had fun in our little chat and I’m on a diet 🙂

He is really having the time of his life. He enjoys small things and yet it seems like it is the whole world for him. Like his Elvis Presley collection, Work, his knowledge about hand therapy and how thankful he is for having a wonderful Boss that gave him a chance to continue working as a driver in his age.

He might be poor but he is richer than me.

Photo Credit: Everything Fabulous


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