Can’t get enough

I was invited at a private sale when Forever 21 opened last Friday (July 2, 2010) at Megamall and oh boy! It was a fleeting moment!

I hoarded but with limits! Forever 21’s accessories are all amazing… I love accessorizing! with a price like Forever 21 has! my goodness: GUILT FREE.

Forever 21’s clothing style are Simple yet Elegant πŸ™‚

today’s lucky buy:


Pretty πŸ™‚

you must congratulate me! because I only bought this cute little earrings! I tried few clothes but just to satisfy my craziness and let go! I must not forget I am getting married… there is much bigger responsibilities!

Well, a little shopping can’t hurt πŸ™‚ I will not shop for the rest of the week!

xoxo β™₯


If only I don’t have a field work,

Di ako mapapadpad sa Megamall πŸ™‚


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