Week-end of Baby Shower & Shopping!

It’s not totally Lazy Sunday, because my lazy Sunday is just staying home doing nothing but watching movies in a cold cozy room wrapped with soft comforter and junks by my side.

A lingerie, New BB Cream to try and a new LED LCD for my plants vs zombies experience LOL 🙂

Due to our busy schedule at work we only have Sunday to make our appointments with our suppliers for the big day. So we always wake up super early just to make it on time and can squeeze in a little “date” time for us where we can cuddle and be mushy! LOL

Yesterday, we just met our Host… She is so lovely. her name is Grace… I like simple beauty! Oh boy she got it! 🙂 If I were a boy, she’s my type. Anyway… She will also sing for us! Amazing huh?! She sang for us yesterday… 🙂

After our appointment with grace we went to Oasis to sign the contract with our food supplier. My goodness… we are so into-details! 🙂

Then, finally we decided to have our mushy date! We watched Inception in 2D at IMAX and had a little shopping! Remember my post about BB Cream from Shawill? well it really did not work for me. It made me break-out! (like-crazy)

Fortunately, I spotted BB cream at Maybelline. I tried to search for it couple of months ago but always sold out like hotcakes! 🙂

I just love how it feels on my skin and the radiant effect but I don’t know if this will make me break-out… too early to say. It’s my first day to use it at the office.

Moving on, I also bought new sets of lingerie at the House of Cocco! I loved their sets! So sexy and comfortable just don’t compare it to La Senza, because this one is much intimate 🙂

Then to wrap up our little shopping, me and my bf decided to replace our Full HD Sony LCD to Samsung Full HD/LED LCD. We are a fan of Samsung anyway. Do I love it?! Super! it’s much wider and lovely on the eyes! My Plants vs Zombie will be over soon! LOL

Lovely day indeed.

We also had fun at My bestfriend’s Baby Shower…

He won this game:

He-will-kill-me-for-posting-this 🙂

Last week-end was super fun 🙂

Thank you to my Bes, Mylene Sarah A. for inviting us!


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