Busy week-end and Poptarts!

I fell in love with you!

It’s nice to be back! So, what’s the latest:

* I met the Vice President and General Manager of Lupel Marketing Corporation (Uni Ball) Mr. Ricardo P. or simply Mr. Rich last Saturday (July 24, 2010)  for ISO training for his company and I really love his workforce! everyone is hospitable, friendly, professional and actively participated during the seminar! it’s really nice to meet new people from regular employees to executives… mind-blowing experience! Usually most of company owners that I met have one thing in common:  Humbleness.

with Lupel Marketing Corp. Vice President/General Manager Sir Rich and GLOCOMP's consultant Sir Aris


* Me and Bf watched Hating Kapatid but sorry, I didn’t like it. It’s like an AD campaign turned into movie… blech. I love Sarah G. hokay, I just hate when a movie promotes sponsors hardcore.

* As usual I enjoyed my home-treatment Spa using The Face Shop products! I am beginning to love it all! 🙂

there you go!!! funtastic week-end 🙂

My Bestfriend Mylene Sarah tweeted me yesterday and post a picture of mouth-watering Poptarts that is waiting for me at their house! I am really having mood swings lately but when I saw it!!! my goodness, HEARTS appeared from my weary atmosphere! yes, I fell in love the moment I saw it! Gawd, it’s heavenly 🙂 Sugar alert!

Honestly, aside from her big time generosity… I appreciate it when she simply says “I miss you” or asking me for a date with her! There are a lot of unforgettable moments with my bes… she’s been with me from high and low. I remember back then when she graduated ahead of me, she will still go to our school and bring me some  home-cooked meals personally prepared by her with smiling face on the top (Spaghetti my favorite)

Also, one time she pampered me by treating me a hair-spa at her home! she do it herself with the magic of Mayo! 🙂 I don’t remember what was the result but a friend willing to do that for you, takes care of you and everything… whew, everyone would love to have her!

Her family also loves me like their own! I feel their happiness when I’m around 🙂

My soul sister at Mt.Samat where we carved our names 🙂

it’s nice to know that I have a handful of friends that stayed loyal to me all these years and Mylene Sarah whom I like to call “Bes’ or “Mhy” has been there for me like forever.


Seminar at Lupel Marketing Corporation courtesy of Global Competitiveness Consultancy and Training.

6 thoughts on “Busy week-end and Poptarts!

  1. Awww, thanks bes! I love you no matter what happens!
    Remember the day I got married, you were with me after the ceremony, you stayed with me at home while my husband was i-dont-remember-where-to-be-found. Hahaha.

    I’m so blessed for having you not just a bestfriend but also a sister.

    And now I’m having a baby boy, and you’re getting married and busy with work, I will still find ways to stay in touch with you..

    You’re the best person I’ve ever-know.. My angel! Love u much dear!

  2. Hi bes! hahah we are so muchy and cheesier than ever ♥ Thank you mua!

    Abhie: hahah nakaka-addict haha. sakit ng ngipin ko tuloy, pahinga lang sandali then will continue to eat that!

  3. you are so busy!! as in hectic ang schedule mo ‘teh!! But i love your friendship with @mylenesarah..it’s something that everybody should have. 🙂

  4. Hu Jena! Thanks 🙂 I believe that kahit di nagkikita regularly pag nag bond parang kahapon lang di nag kita 🙂 hay basta magical ang friendship namin since college days pa! heheh mua!

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