On Kylie Minogue

I love Kylie Minogue songs! so gay and I love it 🙂 I dance with her tunes… I love gay anthems very cool and that’s what you call out of the box: ALL FUN. I miss dancing with music pumping, bodies colliding and sweat dripping 🙂 you won’t even notice you are dancing for over 2-3 hours and up and still want more!

With her latest album Aphrodite… I am having a calm morning again on my way to office and songs like Cupid Boy, Get outta my way etc are all in repeat! even her old school Spinning Around is such a Happy-Gay-Song! 🙂

Look at those hot pekpek shorts that gay loves to name it 🙂 whatta ass power! Short Short Short! Lovely 🙂 let’s have a party and wear that thingy LOL

Well, dancing is fun. Aside from Videoke and owning the Mic.. I am a sucker for dancing-with-all-my-heart even matigas ang katiwan ko.

Go get you copy of Aphrodite 🙂 You can dance while you drive on your way to office LOL


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