Pajama Friends

This week-end or maybe next week I am giving away a little gift from beautiful readers of this blog ♥ inspired by Denise  Adranede Lozada who is a an amazing fashionista blogger 🙂

She was introduced to me by my bestfriend Mylene Sarah and from then on I became her stalker LOL

I want you to meet my PAJAMA friends…

L-R Denise, Sarah, ME!, Leona and Abhie

adding on my Pajama Friends are Janis (Riyadh) Nikki (Spain)  Bhenie (Australia) Jena (San parte ka na ba ng mundo ngayon?! haha) Donna  and Jackie…  all of ’em are PINAY!  

too bad I don’t have pictures with them pa. Soon ♥ 

Sarah is my very bestfriend since birth and Jackie is one of my friends way back in College… then the rest are sincerest friends from Cyber world for years and had an opporutunity to meet few of them in person 🙂

So there you have it, My Pajama friends 🙂

Wondering why I call them Pajama friends? secret.


(to know more about my Pajama friends– just click my Blog Roll for Links of their wonderful website at the right side of my page- enjoy ♥)


5 thoughts on “Pajama Friends

  1. i would love to be in a “pajama party” with ya’ll 🙂
    i wonder when wud that be 😀

    .. and so i wonder, why pajama friends?!! 🙂

  2. nyahaahahhaa ngaun ko lang nakita ito siempre slow learner ako sa blog blog..

    taga ngongolandia din ako nyahahah parehas kami ni leona 🙂

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