Oi Oi Oil for Body Baby!

Neutrogena Body Oil is to die for!

Being a toiletry junkie, spa lover and beauty product addict… it’s not a secret to everyone who knows me dearly 🙂 I can forever try everything that will really works from me. I have no loyalty to brands, as long it’s effective and can do magic gow!

There are few products that I swear my life with like La Mer’s tinted base make-up and body lotion, In2It face powder and Olay’s Shea Butter body soap plus VMV pumice facial wash 🙂 I am using them for years now. The rest I am using all of ’em randomly, some I throw out especially when it causes pimples and so-help-me-god skin irritation LOL.

Anyhoo, I love using body oil and lotion. I alternately use it… I’ve been using Neutrogena Body Oil since college because I don’t have the liberty to shop everything I want way back in College since my grand father whom I call “Daddy”  was the one who buys me magic creams (God bless his soul, Love you dad) moving on, I love how soft and vibrant my skin especially during day time! I don’t usually put lotion or body oil in day time, It feels icky! I just don’t. So every night I am truly smothering those magical products all over my body 🙂 My night is not complete without my beauty rituals! Not so me if I skipped my routine I am nearing death of that happens LOL.

You can also use Neutrogena Body Oil at the spa for Thai Massage and amazing for Sauna bath! Gawd, you’ll feel how soft your skin right after Sauna bath 🙂 weird enough?! Gah life is to short not to try things that can make you happy anyway! heehee 🙂

I am addicted to beauty products, isn't it obvious? 🙂


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