Shopping in Sale and Shoe Craze!

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…

All from G Star New York.

* I know it’s crazy, same style in different colours! *this also happens to my clothing style*

* I am a sucker for shining shimmery stones

* I feel sexy and confident wearing beautiful shoes

* It’s magical and makes me High =)

* How can you say “NO” to almost give away price from Northern Sale at SM Edsa?! Tell me about it.

My Number 1 rule when doing a major shopping!

* Wear super comfortable outfit.

I love wearing short skirt that easy to unzip, tank top or t-shirt and a slippers or flats with no straps! So I can easily undress and try everything I want.

Major No-No.

Even it is super sale it doesn’t mean you have to buy it in a jiffy. Always consider if you can use it not only once ๐Ÿ™‚

(On my affair with shoes) I love attending business cocktails, formal evening party in corporate affairs and political events due to my work.ย  Some I use for private parties that high-heeled shoes can be a good display and doesn’t require walking around. If I’ll go dancing… I make sure it’s only 2 inches high so I can dance-dance-dance! See, I am talking about shoes- GAH. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not really into flats.

note: I am not a fan of buying a lot of clothes, I opt for classic ensembles. That’s why I really do invest when it comes to clothing… I buy it in full price but if it is on Sale much better ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy Private Salesย  when it comes to that.I don’t accessories much, again elegant pieces works for me fancy or in karat.


When it comes to shopping, I am game for Lingerie, Make-up/Beauty Products and Shoe hunting. The rest is history!

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Shopping in Sale and Shoe Craze!

  1. i have this same ugali before! i buy stuff like all the same in different colors! buti na lang naovercome ko na yan! (MEDYO) hehehe

  2. Hay sis, buti ka pa…. ang hirap lalo na pag super ganda sa iyo, you can’t simply resist! ๐Ÿ™‚ hay sis… huhupa din ito hahaha โ™ฅ

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