Alessandra De Rossi

It’s very unusual of me to be a fan of Local Artist since a lot of them are not my type especially when it comes to music.

I love soothing sounds like Late Night Alumni’s and Samantha James songs at wala pa akong naririnig ng katulad nila sa ating bansa ♥

Anyway, here’s Late Night Alumni‘s sample music which I love to put on repeat with red (my itouch name 🙂

Samatha Jame’s

Their songs calm me down wherever I am. It is also nice to hear from the beach, cocktail parties and even at lounge. The sound makes me happy, sensual and at ease… very magical in deed and can set your mood right especially when you are such a busy person like me bow 🙂

To cut the chase, due to my twitterholic mania, I am following active celebrities that really tweets! 🙂 One of ’em is Ms. Alessandra De Rossi

follow her on Twitter:

I like her because of her personality. Walang keme! I really like that. When I see her on TV during an interview, lakas ng dating. That is a Filipina- strong, articulate and confident! She’s the- first- ever- Pinay Celebrity that I will surely endorse forever! haha 🙂 I really believe in her especially when I heard few of her Adrift songs! I can feel it- this will be a hit.

Try to visit her Website:

When I first heard Disconcerting Ride and I don’t have any idea at all na siya pala ang singer nun, I googled to know the artist so I can buy on itunes agad… then I tweeted her, I ask if she’s the singer?! pang foreigner yung beat and voice!

Yung beat kasi kung papansinin mo- sosyal pang late night alumni at isa pa yung voice buong buo! may I add- ganda ng lyrics….

I haven’t heard anything like this from our very own local artist totoo lang. If you have- tell me and perhaps I’ll buy the album too.

Alessandra told on her tweet that Adrift Album will grace the music stores this coming December! (ang tagal!!! hahah can’t wait!)

Alessandra De Rossi manages her own twitter account and tumblr 🙂 Nice diba?!

Visit her Website:

add her, listen to her music… buy her CD on December at sabay sabay tayo pumila para mag pa autograph signing. Dear, I strongly believe this will be hot as pancakes! 🙂

Congratulations in Advance to Ms. Alessandra De Rossi! Yan ang Artist! 🙂


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