My Favorite Cartoon Characters!

When we were kids, we have our favorite cartoon characters… too bad I am not 100% fan of Sesame Street 🙂 Instead, I love to watch religiously the following: 

Sailor Moon 


My most favorite Character is the snobbish yet sassy Sailor Mar’s 

Isn't she lovely? 🙂


I also Love Eugene from Ghost Fighter! 

Eugene ♥


and Mojacko! 

Moja Moja gets flat when soaked!


Here’s some cheesier cartoons that made me cry yet left wonderful memories ♥ 

Patras the dog ♥


Princess Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa


too bad somebody made thos video that made me laugh hardcore: 


Moving on, I also like: 

Peter Pan


The Vontrap Family (i like Sister Maria!)


All of ’em brings back good memories! 🙂 Happy and Sad both are for keeps ♥ 

I won’t mind watching it all over and over again yey!


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Cartoon Characters!

  1. i love all these cartoons/animes…
    we’ve dl-ed sailormoon recently — it took our hds space…

    in addition: remi is also nice + julio at julia + miracle girls

  2. heehee kyoot noh :)) oo nga lalo na pag to the rescue na si tuxedo mask!

    oo si julio at julia!!! (LSS now na!) hahah miracle girls.. hmm mukhang di na ako adik sa tv nun ah hehehe.

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