Precious Me Time


If there’s one thing I promised to my self… that is not to let go of ME. 

How time flies, soon I’ll get married and enter a new stage in life and who know’s I might as well have a baby soon after a year or three.  

Since Highschool I always enjoyed my me-time because I am geeky and all I do was study and join art competitions. I’m always driven by extra-curricular activities during early years of my life and also because I’m committed in an early age to my childhood sweetheart which is my soon to be Husband 🙂 I’m a full time in everything I do and to balance it all- ME TIME is my ultimate escape where I can recharge my energy! ♥ 

I am afraid in losing myself  in the process of valuing  someone too much or giving time to everyone else and forgetting there’s still ME along the way. 

There are simple things I like to do when having my me-time  to express how I love ME from time to time 🙂 

* Reading Books and Magazines 

    When I feel my brain is kinda rusty and all sorts of negative vibes is all over the place… I immediately grab a good read and will make sure I can learn a thing or two that can change my way of thinking or simply pull me to stay grounded. I like inspiring books then after that I browse entertainment magazines for a quick fix of fashion buzz which makes me feel girly-girly. 

* Watching Movies 

    Oh, sometimes I am a potato coach! All I want is to watch all the movies that piled up on my DVD rack. I love buying bulks of DVD to watch so when time comes I want Me-Time… All I need to do is turn-on the AC high, grab a chocolate fix and take the plunge on my super soft bed ♥ 


I can watch movie alone and I don’t mind 🙂 but not the horror type- I once did and end up not finishing the movie. (The Third Eye- Jessica Alba) 

* Hitting the Spa 

   Ta-dah! this is the most magical word ever *SPA* I am a self-confessed SPA-holic. God knows how long spa services is and I uber love it! I even tried availing all I can in one whole day. Started 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.-ish. Longest time spent at the spa! I don’t mind doing it all over and over again 🙂 During campaign period from Luzon to Visayas… I always tried the best spa ever offered at each City I visited all over the country! ♥  I can be your spa-guide in the metro if you want to. LOL 

* Fine Dining 

   Who say you can’t treat yourself alone in a fine dining and enjoy a nice wine?! goodness… you are missing a lot. I love to reflect and that’s what I do during me time. I want to know if I still do the right thing or not… sometimes stepping back is a worthy decision you can make when things go crazy already. 

  With a nice food and wine served ♥ ahhh heaven.  (I love eating alone at Edsa Shang’s Heat and Red at Makati Shangrila) 

Enjoy your ME time! never too late to say I love me  in a not-so-selfish ways 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Precious Me Time

  1. laveeettt sophie,, your my idol sa “ME” time. When you get married or have kids, you feel guilty having me time. 🙂 but i got over it, there is no reason why women should feel guilty if they have the “me” time.


  2. I agree to that, kaya nag eexist ang number 2 kasi minsan we forget to value ourselves 🙂 cheers mare! and thank you for giving time to read my blogs hope it inspires you in many ways!

    Cheers to us girls!

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