I love scented candles and got addicted to Dyptique brand. It has the most amazing bedroom scent ever! 🙂 I love being mabango all the way from my very own smell- to things that I love… from closet to bed cover perfume, I know it’s crazy 🙂

So let me share to you my favorite local brand of candle… it’s ALICE BLUE.

White Tea and Ginger


I love Alice Blue heavenly Garden Collection it’s like Dyptique too- Kumakapit. Dyptique Candles are individually hand-poured candles burn for an average of 50 to 60 hours and are made of paraffin wax with a lead-free wick. Although I swear Alice Blue doesn’t stay that long enough for candle-lover like me. The scent calms me down in a bussy day… what makes Alice Blue candle special is… talagang kumakapit ang amoy niya. Minsan wala pang 30 minutes na-naka-light siya…. maamoy mo pa rin siya for 2-3 days until it fades but if you use it religiously I think the smell will be the signature to your place. It really depends on my mood if I’ll use Dyptique or Alice Blue… it’s like how I pick my perfume every other week 🙂 i dont use it regularly. I always want something new or refreshing but using my favorites.

Alice Blue is way much cheaper than Dyptique Candles but I also recommend it! Proudly Philippine-made.

Alice Blue and Dyptique Candles are to die for 🙂 LOL


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