Watsons Lip Balm


I’m a sucker with beauty products and I confess I don’t have loyalty when it comes to brand of beauty looties… everything has a power to make me weak and try it 🙂 Although be warned my addiction can be annoying… It has a downside too! Some of them are expensive and not effective on me. As they say you’ll never know unless you try!

Moving on I was in Serendra today for business meeting, sometimes I hate waiting in vain LOL I tend to entertain my self doing window shopping rather than die in boredom. Since I was craving for pizza, I asked Serendra’s concierge where I can find Sbarro, good heavens! I know, it’s my favorite. Then I went to Market Market just accrossed Serendra.

While inside the mall, I remember my bf’s niece has a new lip balm addiction that her classmates was raving about. I even saw her lips the other night and didn’t bother to ask what she is using… it really caught my attention. I thought it was too “pamabata” the heck, last night I gave in 🙂 She told me it’s a watson’s product!!! Holy Cow!!! it was so cheap compared to my burts bee and chapsticks! (but i still love ’em)

Then I saw WATSONS

Watsons Lip Balm in sweet strawberry 🙂 nice combo with MAC in twig and still you can top it with MAC Lip Glass

Watsons Lip Balm in Luscious Grape with or without lipstick is awesome but you can use it with Lipstick! Nice combo with Chanel's Red Lipstick 45

Sweet Strawberry

You can use it with or without lipstick

Light on the lips no greasy feeling like you ate lechon

You can add more if you want the color pink to appear 🙂

Luscious Grape

Same as above but it can turn your lips into yummy-red in natural finish!!!

Remember in High School days when we use a red candy (Lips to be exact) to add color to our lips?!

I confessed I did it during High School LOL 🙂

So this Lip Balm in luscious Grape will add color to your lips and ta-dah I swear it’s natural look…. but don’t overboard di ka mukhang kumain ng lechon, mukha ka naman bampirang kumain ng tao hee hee 🙂

No Downside so far! It’s only Php 49.00

One thought on “Watsons Lip Balm

  1. when i was 1st yeat college, i used Luscious Grape of watsons , when you apply it more it become red.. but now, all lip balm Luscious Grape is an ordinary lip balm, colorless.

    madame na ko nabile na hindi ko nagamit kala ko ganun padin na kumukulay sya pero ndi na ngayon.. TRY and TESTED . can i show a picture if you want

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