8.13.10 Casual Friday

I love Friday but today is unusual: Friday the 13th Ahoo**

So what?! Be extra Careful.

Actually I love casual Friday because I can wear JEANS! πŸ™‚

Having these big thighs, Whoa Skirt or Jeans name it… I’ll wear it with full confidence.

No matter what I do my hands won't meet an inch!

So I might as well enjoy every Inch of me and flaunt it!

Because being Fat is not a crime but having a healthy lifestyle and cutting down some junk foods and coke will make me live longer. Whatever.

Cheers to Casual Friday until we meet again.

Bolero (custom made) ZARA black undershirt with details FREEWAY Blue Skinny Jeans CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN peep toe shoes.

Accessory: Bracelet from AMEGA

Photography by: Hazel Olayres


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