116 Blush Brush

I lost my MAC 168 and I’ve been using it for 2-3 years 😦  That’s why I decided to buy brush for powder blush  immediately since its essential to my make up tools and a nice investment for my make up collection.

I don’t buy make-up tools “just because”

Investing good brushes is a must if you love collecting make-up. Remember Make-up has an expiration, but make-up tools last longer especially when you take good care of it properly.

I am still in search for my perfect match and hopefully I’ll be done finding them soon  🙂

Anyway, I love MAC brushes because it has the softest bristles- ever.

116 Blush Brush

(without flash)

Lovely Bristles, so soft! I love it.


– soft bristles that i love to mention all over and over

–  full rounded shape

– good for small cheeks if there’s such  (I have) (i guess, because there are brushes that when you use it to your face it’s all over!)

– it does not itch! (I always feel the brush first and foremost)

– I love the wood handles, sakto sa kamay ko haha.

– not heavy


– it’s expensive

MAC make-up brush cleanser is also expensive but I use it to take care my little cute brushes 🙂 sayang pag nasira noh!

– it has no pouch (some MAC brushes has 😉 )

I bought this at Rustans at Shangri-la Mall Edsa. I love their staff kase 🙂 di mayabang like the others.

I also recommend E.L.F professional Brushes (available at Rustans Makati) it’s more cheaper but the quality is great! Soft bristles too 🙂


Do MAC cosmetics go on Sale? LOL if yes Message me agad.


Make-up Brush: Treat them with care and respect and the love they deserve and know when to retire a brush that has served its purpose.- xz


4 thoughts on “116 Blush Brush

  1. yep, I don’t buy mac regularly pag naubusan lang ng stock or nawala ang isa heheeh 🙂 too expensive. tsaka na pag ceo na ako ng company hahaha!

  2. i completely agree.. theirs absolutely no use in buying make-up if your not willing to buy make-up brushes. they are essential & can/will make or break your make-up.

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